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There is Life After Stroke...

The World After Stroke Is Falling Apart? "Dreams..."

After the day stroke got you, everything has never been the same again, right? The relationship is now strained. Where the foundation of giving and take, now getting biased, as you need more than what you can give.

Living as a disable, everything will become more challenging. Standing up made you prone to fall, walking took you longer for each step taken, your energy no longer able to recharge by rest or sleeping, and you are continually riding your roller coaster of emotions.

Like being thrown into the ocean, you can swim, or you can sink. Then, you swim to the nearest island, and you try to build your life again piece by piece.

No matter how good it is now, you will always miss your home, your friends, your family and your healthy life.

You DREAM to get back to where you are before, meeting all the familiar faces again. Every night you dream it, and every morning you will awake, trying to make the dreams come true again.

Are You Fed-Up With Constantly Trying
Only to Fail Over & Over Again?

Every morning you wake up with the goal of realizing your dream, rowing on the raft that you made. Each day does matter. Every minute counts. Every effort does contribute to bringing you closer to your dream.

But, have you felt like rowing once, only to swept back by the wave twice? It’s never been easy.

Hence, you work more on your therapy, you eat your medicines timely, you eat more of those supplements, and you even attend more and more classes than simply depending on your therapy. You’ve tried acupuncture, you’ve tried meditation, yet only to move you around and not forward.

With the roller-coaster of emotions, giving up has become one with you. Every time you try, only to fail over again.

Stroke Appetite

Live To Eat ?

Stroke Endless Medication

One Enough ?

Stroke Physical Mental Pain

Physical Pain ?

How Long Has It Been Since You Felt Helpless?

Hence, this is my story...

A few years back, it still fresh in my mind how I got TIA. I woke up in the morning, getting ready to go out when I suddenly fall and couldn’t feel my leg. I screamed for help in fear and despair.

The first and only thought I have is a stroke, due to my family history of stroke. The fear crawled at the back of my mind. What if, this is the end of my life?

I need more time, I still have a lot to be done. The thought of disability and just how it’s going to crush my life.

How can I face my family again? How I want to handle the embarrassment from eating messily in front of my friends with all those disabilities, what about the additional burden added to my family shoulders? I’ve seen how my mom struggles throughout years. Tears are falling as the thought too overwhelmed for me to embrace.

I was taken to the hospital immediately, as no one wants to repeat the same mistake we did to my mom. On my way to the hospital, I was attacked once again, and it gave me the most painful headache ever that I thought my head is about to explode.

At the hospital, I undergo examination after an examination and hours gone. While rested on the bed, I had another attack. On average that day, I got an attack in every 30 mins interval. I either collapsed as I lost my balance, or pain from the headache.

As I am a healthy person with no apparent sign of stroke, it’s quite challenging for the medical team to figure the cause that triggers the mini-stroke. Hence, I was admitted overnights for another heart examination. I was only discharged 2 days later, once they confirmed it was a mini-stroke.

In fact, I didn’t go back home that day alone. I was accompanied by the anxiety of getting a full stroke, the trauma of the pain, and bags full of medications.

Sick And Tired Of Taking Those Endless Medicines?

The truth is, every time you left a medical center, you’ll be prescribed medicines.

Medicines for heart, medicines for a headache, medicines for blood, medicines for stomach and lots more different medicines to cure each symptom individually. With every cure, there’s another side effect that you have to suffer too.

Your living expenses increased. Most of it accounted for your medications bill. Statistically, it is estimated that stroke cost approximately 33 billion dollars a year and will increase by years. The more severe your damage, the higher the cost you may incur.

Not once you thought you should stop your medicines, or at the very least reduce it. But it’s a gamble you don’t dare to bet on.

What if you stop your medications, then your symptoms persist? What if stopping them, will make your conditions worst? What if stopping it makes your recovery slower? But, how long do you have to suffer its side effects anymore? How long do you have to consume them till they are going to damage your kidney?

I Was Told I Would Need To Be in
Medicines Forever!

Stroke Lot of Medication

Once I am home after few days being discharged and being prescribed with the mini-stroke medications, I start to feel the side effects of those medications.

I was initially prescribed with blood thinner medication, but due to the side effects that trigger a gastrointestinal reflux (GERD) in me.

GERD had disrupted my sleep and indigestion mostly lead to discomfort. That’s in some way affected my daily performance.

Therefore, I was prescribed another medication to counter it and that pretty much explained why I ended up with a bag full of medicines. I was prescribed not only medications to cures my symptom, but I was also prescribed with another medication to counter the side effects of them.

I got dizzy almost all the time, and it starts to get in my daily life. It can be emotionally irritating as I concern the timing of the dizziness. Sometimes I felt a sudden dizziness while driving and have to stop by the roadside for a moment. Then, I consume another medicine to treat my dizziness.

Here on, another medicine added to my long list of medications.

It saddens me to think how my life is depending on medicines mostly, and it has become a part of me. Not that I had done nothing to treat them physically, instead I felt that I had tried everything.

Sometimes I looked at my mom conditions, and she pushed my motivation high. No matter what, I need to help her to recover, and I need to help myself to prevent the full stroke too.

Eating Is Never Fun Again...

Eating used to be something that you and your partner, or you and your family enjoy few times a day. Whether it’s a good food or not, enjoyed together, make the taste better.

Dine in at public place always been mesmerizing. You see new people, you order different food on the menu, and you able to share laugh with other people.

But after a stroke, eating has never been the same. The way you eat change, and the taste of food change too. The same food, but the pleasure was gone. When everything tasted like a metallic, you lost interest in any food, even your favorite food.

Eating that used to be only a combination of food and swallowing, now with an extra risk of choking or coughing. Dine in at a restaurant now might be a humiliating experience and grabbing unnecessary attention.

Stroke is Actually Preventable!

Do you know that...

  • More than half (58%) of Americans don’t know if they are at risk for stroke
  • While on average, every 40 seconds, someone in the US will have a stroke
  • That’s being said, Stroke is the top leading cause of death and long-term disability

Despite these very sobering statistics, the good news is that stroke can be prevented. Countless research showed that 80% of strokes could be PREVENTED. A recurrent stroke itself is a matter of choice.

Although you can’t alter some risk factors that you are born with, there are a lot more risk factors that can be treated. The risk factors such as high blood pressure, high sugar level, alcoholism, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and poor health of the heart, can be treated.

Even if you can’t prevent the first stroke attack that you had, you still can avoid the recurrent stroke.

One of the most significant reasons why you should avoid a recurrent stroke because, with every recurrent attack, the damage multiplied, and your recovery will significantly slow if not backward.

I Am Glad I Found It...

Only in the darkest time, I can see the light. Taking care of mom with stroke, and getting a mini stroke myself, invoke the deepest fear in me. I found this elixir, and I gamble with my health for the success of it.

Over a year I risked myself finding and trying the right combination to prevent stroke or any recurrent stroke. I started with studying how nutrients can benefit me, and progressing by studying any possible risk factors of stroke and the treatable impact of stroke.

It’s not all about cupcakes and rainbow right after I found the solution of the right Superfoods.

In fact, it’s hard to stick to the plan when you have to swallow foods that you don’t use to eat. Just like Rome isn’t built overnight, my journey to this most significant finding is no difference.

After a few months of trying and researching, I can feel a difference in myself, and my mom can’t disagree too. She felt better and do better.

So...What Exactly is Superfood?

It is rare that your life’s mission ends up saving not only you…but the lives of the most important people in your life, too. The most important person in my life were saved by this revolutionary discovery. So, I know it can also help you…

The elixir that brought me and my mom a step ahead from most of you simply known by the name of Superfood. The name that you barely heard from your doctor, but well known among the dietician.

Superfood might be stirring controversy, over the years as few medical experts disagree in the terms as they believe that there is no such thing as a superfood.

Despite the controversy and denial, superfood gaining their popularity thanks to their proven health benefit.

"Let The Food Be Your Medicine" 

There are 3 important features that make superfood super.

Firstly, superfood mostly is food that is unprocessed.

Secondly, they are known to be artificial ingredients free and last but not least, they are nutrient dense food.

While eating more fruits and vegetable is good for your health and had been the most common thing you heard, narrowing your selection of those to superfoods choices, will let you experience an immediate effect as compared to your normal fruits and vegetables.

Stroke Superfood Medicine

Some nutrient cannot be found abundantly on fruits and vegetables, that’s why you need to eat every category of food.

You’ll never know how some algae can be more powerful than your apple, or you’ll never realize how impactful a spoon of pepper can contribute.

Omega 3, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium is among the few nutrients that will help not only with your recovery, but also in preventing recurrent stroke.

But why should you take them separately in the form of supplement when you can get it naturally and abundantly from food? With superfood, you can also benefit from various other nutrients, thanks to their nutrient dense feature.

Here is Exactly What You Get...
57 Superfoods to Turn Dreams Into Reality!

  • The 5 risk factors that can be prevented by the superfoods. (Page 4)
  • Superfood and the healing power over the 5 most common stroke impacts. (Page 8)
  • Diet can be hectic and not meant for survivor, except for this one diet that specially for stroke survivor. (Page 13)
  • There is no single nutrient can cure you alone. Here’s more than 20 nutrients and the food rich in it that takes you step ahead from other stroke survivor. (Page 15)
  • This can reduce your risk of stroke by 8% and risk of heart attack by 38%. (Page 22)
FE Swiss Army Stroke
  • Whether it just an anxietyheadache, or nausea. Don’t suffer any more alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Before you hallucinate, or harm yourself further, reduce it(Page 33)
  • The only superfood that goes beyond super. No sugar, no sodium, no fat, no cholesterol and no worries. Eat this all you want. (Page 87)
  • You can either lack of the good nutrient or excess of the bad one. Stop worrying on how to understand your label. Here’s how they work. (Page 171)

If you want to have a recovery with less medicine side effects bothering you. then you need to act now!

Why should you wait?

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It's More Than Just a Superfood!

It’s the missing piece to your puzzle, and the key to your health. Just like how you will never complete the puzzle without the last pieces, and will never open a door without the key, eating without superfood won’t get you any further in your recovery.

Almost each superfood that I picked and tried is meant to cure your post-stroke symptoms, and even better, to fight against your stroke risk factors. So, you’ll never have to worry about stroke or even a recurrent stroke anymore.

All these superfoods are like the swiss army knives of the food kingdom. They are not only able to help you dealing with most of your risk factors, they are also foods for healing, and foremost, they taste incredibly good!

See what our customers have to say:

"Blood pressure back to normal"

"I started to try these in June 2018 and after a few months I can start seeing my blood pressure returning to normal once again. Unbelievable!"


Stroke Survivor

"I lost my weight..."

"I can’t believe this. Lost weight by eating? All this while, I assume you have to starve to lose some weight. No obesity, and my doctor told me, lesser risk of stroke."


Business Owner

"Better bowel functions"

"I specially like the 2 superfoods, as I no longer have to woke up frequently in the middle of the night, just to went to toilet."


Account Clerk

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From Superfood To Health -
Turn All Dreams to Reality!

Food is part of your life, and eating is crucial to ensure the part of your body function properly.

While you can’t avoid it, why don’t you enjoy it? We have succeeded in our recovery and had kissed goodbye to stroke. Be like us, and let’s keep stroke at your bay.

No more waking up in the night time, no more difficulties in walking, no more low confidence and anxiety, and after all no more worry about recurrent stroke. You don’t need it, and nobody ever want it too.

Its time to feel more energetic and resume where you left before. Don’t just dream it, but turns it into your reality. Time to enjoy every moment of health again, because there’s life after stroke.

Just imagine you able to wake up in the morning and free to do whatever you have planned since months ago? Your day no longer filled with therapy and your night no longer have to ends at 6pm just because you are way too tired for anything more.

There’s a new spring in your step and a lively gleam in your eye. You are alive once again…

Can you see yourself driving down the road again confidently while your therapist waiting for you at the nearest coffee shop? Not meeting you as a patient, but the survivors that inspire him.

Stroke Recovery Happy Family

That comes with my 100% money-back guarantee.
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"My blood sugar level is lower"

"I used to have a long list of food to avoid due to my alleviate sugar level. Ate a spoonful of cake, and I can felt my sugar level spike up.  Its torturing to always cheat a day before my sugar check. Now, no more. Eat right and feel right."



"I feel more energetic now"

"Now, I know that food can also help me to sleep better. Has stopped taking sleeping drugs for a while now. Woke up feel energetic, and no longer restless."



"Getting stronger at age 61"

"It’s a miracle! I thought my life is gone after stroke, but I feel like I am having a second chance now after trying out these superfoods!."



FE package SFS

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Still Doubting The Superfood?

The price of stroke increases as the day passed. The longer you delay and don’t act proactively now, the more you have to suffer the impact of a stroke. Don’t you owe it to yourself to act now?

If you missed the video above, let me remind you again, the consequences my mom have to suffer due to her delayed medical attention. It increased her post-stroke disability. 

I believe, with each one hour delayed, one disability added to her list of painful experience. Not only she had to spent most of her time on wheelchair, she had difficulty in her speech and problems in swallowing too.

If only I act earlier, and if only I found this solution earlier. She’s not going to miss a lot in life and I don’t have to experience even that mini stroke too. Things happen for a reason, and I believe, one of it is to save you, too.

There is Absolutely No Catch

I can see how you might think that this is too good to be true. Who would give you this kind of offer?

But, here we are. And this is indeed a rare occasion, that might only happen once in a blue moon. So, why would you let the opportunity gone, rather than grabbing it?

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Does it Work For Me?

In fact, it works for your family too. While prescribed medicines, supplements and therapies will work specifically for only you, superfoods work for all. It’s something than can be enjoyed together that everyone can be benefited too.

On the other notes, I am very considerate on your conditions. Therefore, in this ebook, I shared with you for any precautions you might want to consider and pay more attention.

Why Superfood Is Super?

  • Study published by PubMed (2012), shows that with every 100g increase of Magnesium able to reduce the risk of stroke by 8%.
  • According to study conducted by Toyama University Hospital, Japan (2008), shows that Omega 3 had a 29% reduction in all-cause mortality and able to reduce the risk of recurrent stroke by 20%.
  • Study from University of Cambridge, UK (2008), indicate that high level of Vitamin C in your blood able to reduce the risk of stroke by 42%.

Here Are The Facts

You might have heard a lot before that few of the food that is rich in Magnesium such as spinach. However, did you know that Cocoa have a remarkable amount of magnesium?



499 mg

87 mg

125 %DV

22 %DV

*serving size is intentionally set at 100mg for comparison purpose

And here’s our top superfoods that is rich in Omega 3 sources in comparison with soybean.

Flax Seed (mg)

Soybeans (mg)

Omega 3



Omega 6



*serving size is intentionally set at 100mg for comparison purpose

When people are talking about vitamin C, I am confident the foods that come into your mind will either be orange or carrot, but here’s why you should check out for our handpicked selection of superfoods.

Wheat Grass



200 mg

53.2 mg

5.9 mg

333 %DV

89 %DV

10 %DV

*serving size is intentionally set at 100mg for comparison purpose

ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) or antioxidant values is a measure for antioxidant content in your food. Here’s an extra on ORAC value that will surprise you.

OUR Superfoods

ORAC Value

Goji Berry


Dark Choco



Other Superfoods

ORAC Value





Seems like ONLY an Apple a day won’t keep the doctor away, right?

Stroke Recovery Apple

It’s simple, healthy, and works like a charm. And everything you need to know about the superfood has now been put together in one place.

In fact, this ebook is the only place in the world where you figured out that superfood is the missing puzzle of your stroke recovery.

FE package SFS

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Stroke Jumpstart

Bonus 1 - Superfood Jumpstart

It goes without saying that some other time while following a diet plan, you tend to reward yourself thru a cheat day to redeem what your taste bud missing.

But, what if you can stay healthy even during such a day? In most cases, diet didn't fail people, but the people failed the diet. That's why some diet worked for others but didn't work for you.

Learn why this happens, and get the optimal result from your Superfood diet with this Jumpstart.

Stroke Killing Depression

Bonus 2 - Killing Depression

A complete book of depression and how you can manage it. Read on, and figure out about the public figures who diagnosed with depression and doesn’t end well.

Just because someone told you that "it’s only in your head’", didn’t mean you have to endure it yourself.

Fighting depression among stroke survivors should be the top priority. Depression while dragging survivors a step backwards in everything, it is also meddled with survivor’s overall health condition.

Therefore, before you can free yourself from depression, I’ll tell you exactly what’s depression is, and how you can actually defeat it.

Stroke Food Nemesis

Bonus 3 - Food Nemesis

Typically your doctor will tell you to avoid any food or beverages that may cause your high blood pressure rising or food that sends your blood sugar reading of the roof again.


To be specific, what are they? What is the food that you have to avoid when you are struggling as a stroke survivor?

Find the answer in this quick sheet, and put your risk of recurrent stroke, far from home.

RDA Stroke

Bonus 4 - Recommended Daily Allowance

Did you know that when it comes to nutrients, not everyone needs the same amount, and that goes along with your gender too?

Therefore, this quick sheet almost not like just any quick sheet you ever see. It's a daily recommended intake list of nutrients, all at one place.

With this master list, you won't have to wonder anymore when it is deficient or when it is considered overdose.

Stroke Interaction

Bonus 5 - Interactions

While medications might lose their effectiveness when interacting with other medications, food can reacts differently and may even trigger an alarming side effect more significant than just a drowsiness and nausea.

Interestingly, blood thinner and spinach didn't work positively together due to the fact that spinach is high in vitamin K.

Hence, does spinach is the only food you have to avoid while taking blood thinner medication? Stop jeopardizing your recovery unknowingly, and figure them out now.

To Sum It All Up
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Stroke Swiss Army

Swiss Army

Stroke Jumpstart


Killing Depression


Stroke Food Nemesis

Food Nemesis

RDA Stroke


Stroke Interaction


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Superfood for Stroke - Swiss Army  Knife

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"Medicine is not health care -- Food is healthcare.  Medicine is sickcare.  Let's all get this straight, for a change.”

To your recovery,


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If you pass this now, not only you will be going back to your endless medications routine, you are also missing on the long list of superfoods that is beneficial not only to prevent recurrent stroke but also to assist in your recoveryThe choice is yours…

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