Boost Your Recovery and Prevent Recurrent Stroke Proactively

There's life after stroke, LIVE IT UP!

It never the end when you fail.  It only ends when you give up.

Not just everyone got their second chance to beat stroke, but YOU!

Don’t Give An Excuse, Start Doing! 

Remember, The Beginning Is The Hardest. You Didn’t Come All Of This Way Just To Stop And Turn Around.

Life after stroke wouldn’t be much different, except almost everything seems challenging for you. You may wish by now, you can try everything to recover and prevent the recurrent stroke, yet you know nothing about stroke management and recovery.

It can be frustrating to focus on how much longer recovery might take, so shift your focus to something empowering like things you can do to recover from stroke quickly. Here I offer you more than food to accelerate your recovery. There’s no reason you should give in just 80% of your efforts when you can maximize it.

Hence, don't ask “how long will stroke recovery take?” ask “what can I do to speed up recovery?”.  It is now, or never.

The Hard Lessons I Learnt...

It is like what I previously shared with you on how desperate I am after recovering a mini stroke myself, while taking care of a survivor mom.

When I a little bit surrender and ready to settle down that there's no cure for my mom, I changed my mind immediately after the day I sent to the emergency for a mini stroke.

The worst part, what works for me might not work for my mom, and it goes the other way round too.

Hence, my everyday life turned into an experimental. The day things work like it supposed to work indeed amazing, but how about those days that simply screwed us up? Bad experience, good hard lesson learnt.

Now, it's officially an inherited nightmare for my family. Am I upset when I experienced it myself? 

Surely! Therefore, my mission has never been about recovering from stroke alone, but to prevent recurrent stroke or even reduce the risk of stroke to my other immediate family.

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    Lesson 1. Stroke recovery is essential, but it sucks when things didn't go well.
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    Lesson 2. Recurrent stroke is not uncommon including among mini stroke survivor.
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    Lesson 3. Stroke can be inherited genetically, but 80% of stroke is preventable.

Today Effort, Better Tomorrow

Then I realized, you can't put 50% efforts and expect to have 100% results. It did happen, but rarely. Hence, why risk it when you can give your 100% effortlessly?

80% should come from what you eat, 20% from what you do (exercise and motivation), and the extra 10% that will put you ahead of any other survivor is the hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the only one way communication that is powerful enough to take you further along your journey to stroke recovery.

As a start, try the membership and you can reap all the benefits offered here! I'd share with you more of the secrets that help me and my mom on our journey...


This is what you get once join our membership


Weekly Meal Plan

What’s for dinner? Admit it, this could be the most challenging question for us to answer.

Adding to that, you get another question for breakfast and lunch too! Therefore, we failed on most of our diet. Luckily, I have a weekly meal plan for you, so that you will never fail this round.

Not only I help to answer your questions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I go an extra mile, to ensure you get some focus on your weekly meal too.

That’s being said, you will get a more focused meal plan based on specific benefits such as, for weight loss, lowering blood pressure, curb depression, energy boost, lowering blood sugar level, and more.

While you might have your personal preference on diet now, let's add some variety and spice up your diet a little, with a diet based on blood type. 

Food will react chemically with your body, hence improves your digestion system, boost your energy and also help to prevent disease. Stay tuned and don't miss these occasional perks!


Simple Home Exercises

If you enjoy exercising at the comfort of your home, I’ll guide you. You will get a variety kind of simple home exercises for core strength, strengthening, balance and coordination and more.

In addition to that, you will be able to enjoy your home exercise in a different degree of difficulty. This is the kind of improvement that you need.

According to a new review to a previous study, they found that survivor who exercise show an improvement on their blood pressure and cholesterol level and also lowering the risk of recurrent stroke.

The earlier you start exercising after a stroke attack, the more effective the result. Don’t worry, the most you need is your door, water bottle, or just a towel to do them all.



Why not try it here, first? Hypnotherapy is not a rare approach for stroke recovery. In fact, hypnotherapy has been used widely for a variety of purposes.

Hypnotherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the mind to help with various problems, from weight loss, relaxation, to regaining motor function.

Hypnotherapy for stroke survivors mostly started after 6 months of the stroke, and the effect can last for six months.

This practice helps survivor for stroke management and recovery.

While you wonder how hypnotherapy may work, this practice let your brain attempt to make some new neurological connections or re-route the information highway centers through the new part of your brain to learn new ways of doing things.

The best part for this hypnotherapy is, all you need to do is to relax, and let the voice lead you. 


Support Forum for Members ONLY

Wish you can contribute as a member for another member?

Start your thread, and let others benefited from it. Otherwise, you may as well start a thread to seek advice or just to motivate others and share your journey with them.

After all, there’s no one better than whose can fit in your shoes.

Not only that you get all those continuous benefits, but you will also get this one-off offer, too!

recipes monthly
Web Recipe

Monthly Recipes

Get the unlimited and new recipes on a monthly basis.

On top of our hundred list of recipes before, get more of the delicious and healthy recipes now. From something as easy as boiling, poaching, or microwaving enjoy more of the no-cook recipes too. 

An improved online version of recipe access will be available when you join as a member! It keeps you out from the hassle of manual searching.

All recipes come with step by step procedures, preparation time, and the best of it all, you can easily sort it based on its health benefit. Found the one you like and feel like keeping it? You can easily bookmark or print it too! 

Against The Emotion

Against The Emotion eBook

Did you suffer from an anxiety, anger, sadness, and more complex emotions, and ends up being judged for a low Emotional Quotient (EQ)?

No, it's neither your EQ nor it just in your mind. It's among the deprived impact of stroke.

Needless to say, a damage to the brain may interfere with your projections of emotion too.

While some emotion might affect only you, at a times, an emotion itself can cloud your judgment and push you to act beyond your limit.

Hence, you become abusive to yourself and others too. While you can't really prevent it, you still can avoid it.

Understanding your emotion is among the simplest thing you can do to manage your emotion changes.

Discover more than just an anxiety and depression, and owned them, now!

Home Activities for stroke survivors

Who said you have to forgo all the fun after a stroke?

While you can enjoy doing any of these, your recovery may as well benefits from this too.

I have lots of recommended indoor games you can do, if you don’t like to go out so much. Not only that, few of them can be played with your friends and family too.

As a kickstart, you may checkout and try some of these fun games and activities in our membership area.

Home Activities

Lastly, Continuous BENEFITS...

member future benefits

No, this is NOT the end yet, as recovery and prevention are an ongoing effort. I note that getting new tools or methods to accelerate and ease your recovery process are very crucial.

Hence, I will keep adding new Benefits and health related ebooks inside the membership area as the community grows and those benefits are part of my continuous plan not only to help myself and my family but to all the members also.

The cost of joining eventually will be increased once I add them in.  So, join now to enjoy and secure your discounted introductory membership price today before it is too late!

To Summary, These Are What You Get


Monthly Meal Plan


Monthly Home Exercise


Quarterly Hypnotherapy

recipes monthly

Monthly Recipe


Support Forum

Upsell Bonus ebooks

Bonus eBooks

… and much more BENEFITS coming your way! Join us now!


Wait... You don't have to do it alone!

Get access to the Survivor Club to enjoy all the benefits, share your progress with the community and get yourself the support to accelerate your recovery today for just US $19 a month


Your payment is secured and guaranteed!

See what my survivor friends have to say:

"Hypnotherapy helps!"

"To start with, I am a non-believer on hypnosis, but at one point I give in (out of curiosity) and they DID work. I did repeat the same hypnotherapy sometimes, because I like it so much. Some tips, don't go against it, go with it. You lose nothing but gain benefits."


Manager Assistant

"I can do the simple exercises myself..."

"The exercise, not all are actually uncommon. I did ask for my therapist advice too before I try them on my own. she doesn't say no to it. At least, if I can’t make it to my therapy session, I can do these exercise on my own, at my room."



Take the lead and end your struggle as a stroke survivor now!

Stroke Survivor Club

Get access to the Survivor Club to enjoy all the benefits, share your progress with the community and get yourself support to accelerate your recovery today for just 

US $19 per month

Your payment is secured and guaranteed!

Secure the discounted price today!


That comes with my 100% money-back guarantee.
In fact, I'm so confident you'll find this useful for your Stroke Recovery and Prevention that I'm offering my ironclad 30-day money back guarantee!

My #1 goal is to help you with an easy to use guide that you can start using today. I don’t want a penny of your money if my research doesn’t completely overhaul your recovery for the better.

That means you have up to 30 days to decide whether the Survivor Club is right for you. If you don't love to recover from stroke, having more fun-filled activities, getting support from the others, and feel better than ever before, simply ask me for a refund and I'll send your money back, no questions asked!

I want you to try something new. Enough of the conventional way of stroke recovery. I promise you this can work for you if you try it.

Now that you have nothing to worry about, go ahead and click the button below.

Look, I understand you may be skeptical about the stroke recovery from home 'stuff' I've shown you today.

You risk nothing because it is backed by my personal 30-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

That is right, I am giving you a full eight weeks to evaluate the Survivor Club. If at any point over the course of the next 30 days you are not satisfied with your investment, just let me know and I’ll refund your money–all of it.

Did you forget something?

Basically, food and eating alone won't work as a cure. If it does, maximize your results now!

After all, life after stroke isn't about recovery alone, you will have to prevent the occurrence of recurrent stroke too! To prevent recurrent stroke, it needs more than eating and nutrients.

Here some other things you need to boost your survival further:

Would Hypnotherapy work?

Of course, they are! It's not just another magic trick that you watch on TV, even tho it did work like a magic, this is clinical hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has been used so many times to treat a range of health conditions and that's including for stroke recovery. You will never know how much you need it unless you try it for yourself. Our expert loves it, and so will you!

Why would i need support?

In a critical time and in the face of uncertainty, we either need some guidance or support.

Eventually, you can benefit from others sharing, or even better, when your sharing able to help others too. After all, even if you don't need one, your caregiver might need one. Its all about taking care of each other back, so no one will fall.

What is the purpose of the Meal Plan?

The first few weeks into the diet will be exciting and all, then comes the following week or even after days, and you don't feel like committing anymore, because you have run out of the idea.

While a meal plan isn't strictly to be followed, but it will be great of help on any of such day. Isn't it easier to get the 'what's for lunch/dinner?' answered now?

Is an exercise for me?

If it is not for you the most, who else will need it?

The word exercise should never turn you off from trying. It's not something like what you did in the gym. This survivor friendly exercise is so good, that you can easily do it at home, with less cost!

Stroke Survivor Club

More benefits on its way!


Your payment is secured and guaranteed!

  $19 per month


"Never give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait but its more difficult to regret."

To your recovery


P.S.: You will never know how amazing hypnotherapy can work on you unless you try it. Not to mention how much time and cost you may save by doing your exercise at home.

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